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Dynamite is a very easy mixture to make but the main ingredient needs to be synthesized. Traditional dynamite is made by mixing nitroglycerin and kieselguhr sometimes with a small ammount of sodium carbonate added. The main reason dynamite was made is to make nitroglycerin more user friendly. It also has a greater reputation than nitroglycerin and is less feared as well. Dynamite was invented in 1866 by a sweedish chemist (who was fluent in 7 languages) named Alfred Nobel.

Dried Nitroglycerin Beaker, or cup
Kieselguhr Stirring rod, or similar device
Sodium Carbonate (optional)  

Kieselguhr is another name for diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth has multiple uses and can be found in many places. The stuff I use is for gardening. It is used as a manual insecticide (which means it uses no chemical properties to do its job). I have also seen it in the pool & spa section of walmart as a pool filter component. It is one of those things that you don't know exists until you look for it. Diatomaceous earth is also sometimes called diatomite and celite.

Dynamite using this method is made by mixing 25% kieselguhr with 75% nitroglycerin. If you are using sodium carbonate also, add 1-5% by weight of this to the mixture of the other two chemicals. It will resemble peanut butter when its completely mixed. This mixture can be loaded into tubes or used as is. Do not handle this stuff with your bare hands because you will get a terrible headache from the nitroglycerin. Do not store this stuff too long, otherwise the nitroglycerin "sweats" out, meaning it comes out of the mixture and forms droplets which are sensitve to shock. This material is very dense, so it would take a buttload of nitroglycerin to fill a normal stick of dynamite. 100grams of this will fill an orange pill bottle with only about 10 grams left over.