Ignition and Initiation Methods

Whatever type of explosive you make, you're going to have to set it off somehow. These explosives and pyrotechnics can't be set off just by staring at them too hard (with a few exceptions) and I'm pretty sure that no one can set them off with mind power. You're going to need a trustable source of igntion.

Fuse (flame) based ignition
Electrical Ignition
Impact Ignition

Black Match

Electric igntion control box
Chlorate/Sulfuric Acid

Quick Match

Bridged Igniter
Friction sensitive compounds

Sticky Match

Bridgeless Igniter
Ammunition Primers

Visco types and reviews

Self contained flame sources


1gram Fuse Ignition Detonator

1gram Electric Detonator

Detonators with a booster

1gram Fuse igntion boosted detonator

1gram electric boosted detonator


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