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70:30 Flashpowder

Potassium Perchlorate : German Dark Aluminum

The true name for this flashpowder isn't 70:30, I just call it 70:30 because I don't know of another flashpowder that has the same ratio. This is my favorite flashpowder out of the three with pictorials on this page. I don't know why, but it probably had something to do with the fact that its the first flashpowder I made. It is relatively insensitive for a flashpowder and generates lots of gas at a fast rate when burned.

Warning! All types of flashpowder are very dangerous. They burn at a high rate of speed usually acompanied by a blinding light. If over 1/4 of a pound is lit at one time, it will explode without being confined. I know this from personal experience and I almost died finding that out. Never make more than 100grams at a time.


Potassium Perchlorate Scale
German Dark Aluminum Plastic dixie cup

First obtain the required materials:

On the bottom is the potassium perchlorate, the top is the german dark aluminum and the plastic dixie cup shaped thing is the plastic dixie cup.

To start, zero in the cup on your scale

Now add 7.0 grams of potassium perchlorate to the cup

Next add to this, 3 grams of the german dark aluminum. You do not need to zero the scale in again, just add it until it hits 10.0 grams. Remember when adding the aluminum that you can not take it back out of the cup once it's in there. It will be contaminated with the potassium perchlorate


Take the cup and turn it sideways-ish. When its sideways, rotate the cup to mix the two powders. You will need to shake it once in a while too.

This is about what it will look like when you first start rotating it.

Mix it very good until its all a homogenous mixture. It will look something like this:

There, you are done. That is all there is to it.