2 Inch Dago Bomb

A dago bomb is just a big firecracker that explodes in the sky. At comercial displays, this firework usually has a bright tail on its way up. It explodes with a bright white flash and a shockwave that backs up its impressive sound. The only difference between the one shown here and a comercial dago bomb is the size of the shell.




Plastic Easter Egg Gram scale (measuring flashpowder)
Ziplock Bag Scisors

Your Favorite flashpowder

Razor Blade
Scotch Tape Hot glue gun & Hot glue
Visco Fuse Something to drill a hole that is the same diameter as your fuse
Dental floss or some type of thread  

Your first objective is to cut off a corner of a ziploc bag. Place this on a scale and weigh out 40 grams of your favorite flashpowder. A perchlorate based flashpowder is best for this.

Pick the bag up and hold it as so. This is what it should look like. If you flash is a different composition than mine it might fill up less space, it might fill up more

Place a short length of fuse in the bag (it all depends on how big you made your bag) and twist the top of the bag so that you form a little pouch and the fuse sticks out. Then wrap the top in tape to secure it.

Now wrap this pouch in tape so that it forms a rock hard hunk of flashpowder. I usually wrap a 1/8" layer around this pouch to ensure a loud explosion (you want this thing to knock the air out of you when it goes off).

Take a plastic egg and drill a hole at the top of the half that is longer than the other half. The hole should be the diameter of the fuse of the above encasement. Stick the fuse through this hole and snap the other side on to make sure it fits. If it fits, hot glue the fuse on the outside of the easter egg.

Put the two halves together and then pull them slightly apart so that there is a millimeter gap between the two outsides of the halves. Take a q-tip or something and dip it in acetone, MEK, or methylene chloride and squeeze some of the solvent into this gap. Capilary action will draw the fluid around the whole egg so the solvent will only need to be applied in one spot.

Take your scotch tape and wrap it around the egg multiple times in different patterns just to help the egg stay together when its being blasted out of the tube.

Finally crossmatch the fuse with a 1.5" peice of visco. Read my pictorial on how to crossmatch on my website. You are now done. To place this on a lift charge, just follow the instructions for my regular 2 Inch Aerial Shell. Treat this the same way as a normal aerial shell for preparing lift charges.



Keep it safe, Live Longer

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