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About Me

I assume no harm will be done by telling you my first name. My name is Neil, but of course I go by my alias of Douchermann. I live in Illinois, USA, so I can help those USA based OTC'ers. My hobbies include (but are not limited to)

Chemistry (obviously), computers, working on my cars, computer gaming, remote controlled cars, building/desiging crazy random stuff, fixing things, managing this web site, not doing homework, etc. Juggling all this, along with school, a part time job, and a girlfriend leaves me with very little time - so one can see why this web site isn't updated as often as it should be. I do still update it whenever I do something new, or think of something new.

I wrote this website with the beginner in mind, but it was written in a way for a beginner to learn what they're doing, instead of just following a 'recipe'. Now that the website is coming together, you can see my true motivation is proving that almost everything can be made OTC. To make sure that every synthesis works, I do them before I write them. Unlike most other sites, I have personally seen every single synthesis or procedure suceeding. This helps in two ways; I can provide little clues, such as subtle changes, so you know that the reaction is working and if it doesn't work for you, it's not the synthesis' fault.


Contacting Me:

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