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DIY - Do It Yourself

Being a home chemist doesn't always mean one is poor, but I'm sure everyone loves to save money. Here you'll find a couple designs of certain devices which can be used in a lab. Some of these are either very expensive, or just don't exist to the general public. It will also include an OTC labware equivalency list, and the good old dumpster diving explained.

***Under construction - My site is too damn big!***

DIY equipment

Carbon-Arc furnace


Drop-Test Rig

Fresh air mask

Garden hose lab sink

Gas-Phase Reaction Apparatus

Hydraulic Press

Improvised Laboratory Water supplies

Lab ring stands

Magnetic Stirrer

Ozone Generator (Corona Discharge)

Tableting Die

Labware Equivalencies

Glassware Equivalencies

Lab Equipment Equivalencies

Pyro Equipment Equivalencies


Dumpster Diving