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Basic laboratory equipment

So you say you've got your home lab ready? Well now it's time to load it up with some glassware. It is recommended that you buy real glassware, not substitutes (such as jars). Jars can be used, but if not treated right, can break easily which can cause a whole world of problems. For glassware sources, use google, eBay, and look for local American Science and Surplus stores - thats where I obtain most of my glassware.

Brands to look for:

Pyrex/Kimax is your first choice. They are probably the highest quality available to the home chemist, however also the most costly. Next would be bomex, which is more economical. All glass to be heated should be boroscillate glass. For information on each peice of glass, and it's purpose, click on it's name which should be a hyperlink.


Misc. Labware:

Lab Equipment:

Of course, this is just a general guidline. It's basically what I started with, but of course not necessary. The above list will cost around 150 USD and will be able to do quite a bit of chemistry. The most expensive peice being the hotplate, averaging around 15 to 20 USD. The second most is the 1000ml beaker, usually 10-12 USD