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Douchermann's Chemistry and Pyrotechnics Tutorials and other information

UPDATES - 1/20/08
  • Silver Fulminate synthesis added!!
  • Nitrostarch synthesis up. Look under energetic materials - secondaires.
  • Acetone Peroxide synthesis finally added
  • ANxx page added - energetics
  • Learn Chemistry! section in the general chemistry area.
  • sodium hydrosulfide added to general chemistry

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  • Dabbling in azides, might get a few new syntheses up dealing with them. Other syntheses must be requested at the moment.
  • Working on grocery store hydrazine synthesis
  • Search function added. Unfortunately it did not document all pages, so you might have to still put forth effort (gasp!)











Ignorance is my intolerance; This website was established to combat the relentless propagation of ignorance by the media.

Alternative methods of self annihilation



General Chemistry

Includes some inorganic syntheses, proper laboratory technique, safety rules, list of some popular OTC chemicals, along with proper use and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Organic Chemistry

Chemistry involving the carbon-carbon bond and other organics

Energetic Compounds

Compounds with high energy capable of great destruction

Pure Pyro

Pretty colors and the smell of sulfur. Contains information from blackpowder manufacture to complicated arial shell manufacture.


Ways to make sure your pyrotechnic or explosive device go off. Includes electric ignitons, and fuse/flame based ignition methods. Also contains information on making detonators.















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