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Learn Chemistry!

Before, this site was tailored to those who had a background in chemistry. But now, I've changed absolutely nothing. It is still tailored to those who have a background in chemistry, except now you can learn chemistry at this site. This isn't like your high school chemistry class however. For one, you can learn as much or as little as you want. There wont be any truant officers looking for you if you don't learn one day. Also, the lessons are fast paced, or at least as fast paced as a written lesson can get. Fortunately, you can always go back over them. If you notice any typos or have any discrepancies, feel free to e-mail me. Contact information can be found on the main page.

The lessons will be separated into three separate sections (I can get more redundant). Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - respectively. As you can see below, they are already named, but the names are subject to change at any time. Please be patient as I write these up, it all takes time which I am slowly but surely running out of as my schedule fills up.


Intro to chemistry - This is basically my sales pitch on why you should learn chemistry.

Lesson 1 - The periodic table of elements

Lesson 2 - Balancing chemical equations and compounds

Lesson 3 - Poly atomic ions

Lesson 4 - Transitional Elements

Lesson 5 - Compound Naming

Lesson 6 - Reactions

Lesson 7 - Stoicheometry

Lesson 8 - Solutions, molarity, and dissolution

Lesson 9 - Density

Lesson 10 - Bonds

Beginner Level Test


Lesson 11 - pH

Lesson 12 - Alloy's, Eutectics, and azeotropes

Lesson 13 - Thermodynamics

Lesson 14 - Explosives and their properties

Lesson 15 - Intro to Organic Chemistry


I'll name lessons when I get closer to this.