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Here you can see some videos of the things I felt were worth mentioning (or those in which I had a camera handy). Some of the videos are rather large in size and may take a while to load. Please be patient and enjoy the videos.


Failure Rocket #1

This was one of my first big rockets. The nozzle was poorly made so the rocket picked up and aimed towards me, but then hit the ground and finished burning. Luckily I didn't put a salute in that one. Camera-man is Douchermann

Redneck Rocket #1

This was probably one of my favorite rockets that I have made. It was made from spare parts that I had laying around my friends house. No, my friend doesn't carry rocket propellants and flashpowders, I had to provide that. For the body tube, 2x flashpowder salute tubes were glued together. For the nose cone, two peices of styrofoam were glued together and then sanded down into a rocket nozzle. The stabelizer was an arrow shaft with the arrow tip removed. If you were wondering whose voice is in the background at the end, it is DIEMAN's grandfather. The full sentence was "HEY, THATS ENOUGH GODDAMMIT. Go To bed, its 12 o' clock on a school night!". It was really saturday night and it was more like 11 o' clock. Camera-man is Douchermann




Redneck Rocket #2

This is the same rocket as redneck rocket number one. Camera-man is DIEMAN. This was shot during the day when the sun was shining so it was hard to track the rocket with the camera. This was shot the next day from Redneck Rocket #1


First 100 gram Flash Powder Salute

As you can tell by the title, this is my first 100 gram flash salute. Even better, it is my first flash salute that has more than 10 grams of flashpowder in it. Please mind the foul language present during this video.

50gram Flash Powder Salute in a Tree

This flash salute was placed at the base of a very large tree. It does not make the tree fall down, but it does rip a nice chunk out of it. This salute was not made to blow the tree down, otherwise it would have been bigger

80gram Flash Powder Salute

The first of the 3 salutes mounted on the "Nuke Tower".

100gram Flash Powder Salute

The second of the 3 salutes mounted on the "Nuke Tower".

250gram Flash Powder Salute

The last of the 3 salutes mounted on the "Nuke Tower".

Flaming Soccer

This was a video that was shot a DIEMAN's house during one of his parties. The original idea was to make torches, but when the rag flew off the stick, we realized it could be kicked around. Flaming soccer was born. DIEMAN and I melted our shoes from this and Alex got burned. Alex is the guy who gets hit in the leg with one of these. Camera-man and audio comentary done by Robby.


5grams of Acetone Peroxide

This was a small salute of acetone peroxide inside a film canister. The film canister was placed in the head of a stuffed bunny rabbit. It's hard to tell, but it vaporized the top of the stuffed animal down to where its abdoment would be.

20grams of Acetone Peroxide in a forest

This explosive sounds big, but is not really that big. It is made with a water bottle, the bottom is filled with BBs to give it weight and then a barrier is inserted between the BBs and the rest of the water bottle, then 20 grams of acetone peroxide was poured in. The BBs were supposed to make this thing sink, but the creek was not as deep as we though so it stuck up above it. When we went back, there were BBs in the trees surrounding the blast.

75grams of Acetone Peroxide

This was probably the biggest HE detonation I've had yet. It's not much, but we are talking about acetone peroxide here. This was set in a plastic 16 ounce cup in the corner of a feild. It looks like its inside a forest, but the camera man was behind some trees. A tripod is not used here so there will be some shakiness to the film. Camera-man is DIEMAN

85grams of EGDN Dynamite

We had more than this, but this was all that could fit in our make-shift dynamite tube. It is a mixture of EGDN and ammonium nitrate. By "We" I mean my pyro friend and I. The pyro friend came up for the day so we blew up quite a bit of stuff.

100grams of AN Dynamite

This was another explosive that me and my pyro friend whipped up. It uses the standard ammonium nitrate dynamite ratios (look under ammonium nitrate based mixtures in the Energetic Materials section). I appologize for the wind blowing through the microphone, it kinda takes the echo away.

235grams of AN Dynamite

This was the loudest noise I have ever heard. It was standard ammonium nitrate dynamite. This was placed inside an old VCR that was pissing me off. I believe the VCR had a quick death as I didn't even see any peices fly off or rain down after the blast, just a big dark cloud of... VCR and tree trunk. Sorry I turned the camera off before it was done echoing, we had to get out of the place we detonated this fairly quickly. Its hard to see, but the burning sparks coming off are from the VCR.

20grams of CSX

This was the first test of this explosive which I invented, or at least discovered its potential. It was initiated with a 1g DDNP detonator (also my first explosive to use DDNP as the initiator). This was detonated at the same place as the 235grams of AN dynamite and 85grams of EGDN dynamite. CSX stands for Chlorate Sulfur Explosive if you were wondering.


1gram HMTD detonator, fuse based

This was a standard detonator, set on top of a coffee can. You can see a picture of the exact detonator used and a picture of the coffee can after it was "used".