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How to Submit a Viewer Synthesis

So you say you have a synthesis that I don't have. Well then here is how you can get it up on my site. Obviously, I don't take synth's written on napkins, so here is how you can get it up.

Basic rules:

1) The synthesis must be credible. Don't send me anything you havn't personally tried and experimented with because that is what this site is based off of.

2) The synthesis must be yours. You can't send me someone elses synthesis, even if you give credit to them. If they want their synthesis up, tell them to talk to me. If you plagarize, I will not post it either.

3) I would perfer it if you could provide pictures. If you can't, I'll make exceptions since not everyone has a camera or wants to be bothered with it. If you can provide them, I only need pictures of any interesting points in the reaction (such as color changes or gas being evolved), and one picture of the end product.

4) Don't try to send any syntheses of chemicals I already have up, or have hints that I will have them up.


Now that the most painful part is done with, read how to properly format it. Below is a template of what I would like:



Name of chemical

Brief description of chemical, including any history, what it's used for (if it is used), the general idea of how it's made, and physical properties. Make note of any abnormally high toxicities at this point, with adequate description of suggested safety equipment

Write the chemical reaction here. If you don't know it, ask me and I'll see if I can figure it out.

List of chemicals used, including concentration if necessary. However, do not include amounts. If it requires anhydrous, be sure to write anhydrous

List of equipment used. I will change this if you have an odd peice of glassware, like a left handed thermometer (that was a joke) or if you have a 730ml beaker, instead of a 600 or 1000.

Now write the synthesis. Be sure to use paragraphs, isntead of one big block of text. Generally, the purification/filtering steps are their own separate paragraph if you need a reference. Last couple sentences should include theoretical yeild, and the yeild you obtained.


Remember, once you submit a synth to me, I will not change your wording. I might fix spelling or gramatical errors however, and I will add comments if I deem necessary. I will also change how it's organized and font sizes, etc.

Sending the synthesis to me:

The easiest way to submit one, would be to send it in a .txt file (notepad file). I will also accept .doc files, from office 2003 and lower. Also, backwards compatible .doc files from office 2007 will be accepted. If you use a macintosh, simply copy and paste the synth into the e-mail.

Send all syntheses to