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Viewer Syntheses

Here you'll find many syntheses or preparations written by people who view my website. Many of them will venture out on their own, with their own experiments, and come up with great success. Here you'll find those syntheses which I have pre-approved and posted. All of them are written word for word by the submitees. The only changes I have done were possibly spelling/grammar corrections or formatting changes. All credit is of course given to those who write syntheses and I feel this is a very important section. It benefits the entire scientific community, as I can't experiment with everything. If you would like to submit your own, read the How to Submit section, directly below this paragraph. To understand the formatting of this page, I'll write the title I deem most fit, then place the name of the writer (either internet alias or real name) in bold.

How To Submit


Inorganic reagents

***comming soon***

Organic Reagents

***comming soon***

Energetic Materials

Tartaric acid nitrate, and silver salts of it - baoxides


***comming soon***