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High Voltage

This is a new line of research I have started and have found it quite interesting. I've always liked electricity and circuitry components, so I thought I'd combine that with deadly ammounts of voltage and current and see what could become of it. One thing I will will warn you of is that you will get shocked at some point or another if you mess with high voltage. The good thing is that normally the higher the voltage the lower the current. The highest ammount I have been shocked by so far was a 9000v 30mA neon sign transformer. That was not a pleasant experience; imagine driving a rail-road spike through your funny bone. However it's all part of the experience. Though the title is High Voltage, I will also have a page dedicated to electricity/electronic components basics for those who know nothing, but would like to learn.

Electronics Basics


Scavenging parts:

Basic components

Magnet wire

Microwave Oven Transformers (MOT)

Flyback Transformers

Basic/Useful Circuits:

Simple 12 volt power supply (~900mA)

Reduced current 12 volt power supply (~200mA)

High voltage devices:

Tesla Coil

Coil gun

Voltage Multipliers

Marx Generator

Van Degraf

Jacob's Ladder